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"What's it like working at Cafe Akatsuki? Crazy, loud, tiring; full of: annoying people, insane people obsessed with blood, perverts and murderers. I love it, un."

Name: Deidara
Age: 18
Occupation: Waiter at Cafe Akatsuki
PB: Takeru of SuG
Obsession(s): Bubble gum, cute things

Deidara would like to think his childhood as normal. He was as normal as they came, right? Pigs can fly, right?

Deidara was a terror as a child- forever breaking things and calling it art. His parents were worried that there was something wrong with him, but all the doctors wrote it off as male testosterone. Deidara didn’t really care what they thought anyways, he was fascinated by the beauty of something in its last seconds of existence.

Deidara never had very many friends as a kid- he actually fought more than he played with. He had a talent for gathering a bunch of children about him and making them do his dirty work. Deidara was nothing short of a spoilt brat and he knew it (and loved it). When he finally left his parents to live in his own apartment and go to collage there was an obvious sigh of relief from the neighbours. Out of their hair and on his own, Deidara soon settled in to the new lifestyle. Though, he was never a neat person (quite the opposite, actually) and his apartment looked like a war zone after just two weeks. He wasn’t ashamed at all though, simply called it art.

Deidara wasn’t really looking for a job when he stumbled upon Café Akatsuki. Actually, he didn’t want a job at all. It wasn’t like he needed money. He was quite content to sit on his ass, and he would have done if it hadn’t been for his neighbour, the famous Uchiha Itachi. It was he who tricked Deidara into becoming an Akatsuki member. Itachi left a note for Deidara, telling the blond to meet him downtown at a local café. Deidara, ever the violent one, immediately assumed that the black haired pussy was challenging him to a fight (though he didn’t stop to ask himself why they would fight at a café). He arrived at Café Akatsuki ready for some action, but his adrenaline pump disappeared when he saw Itachi standing behind a counter full of sweets, looking impassive as ever. Before Deidara could demand an explanation, Itachi called over the manager and told him that Deidara wanted to work there. Even though the blond tried to protest, the owner (Pein or something weird like that) just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

The next thing Deidara knew, he was wearing a crisp black uniform (looking quite sexy if you asked him) and serving tea and goodies to giggling schoolgirls.

The rest is history.

Journal Layout by love_gfxs
Profile Picture by velvet_ichigo
RP account for cafe_akatsukirp
Played by: poprika